Introduction to Financial Markets - 2 days

Course overview

This two-day programme gives you a hands-on introduction to the world of trading financial markets, with particular focus on hedging of crude oil, gas & petrol markets. All of our teachers and mentors are experienced traders who will pass on their knowledge during the academic and practical sessions. Through this programme you will gain access to our trading community as well as on-going support and career advice if you want to venture further in the financial world.

The programme requires no prior knowledge, but if you already know the basics of trading you should find it particularly beneficial.

What will you study

The programme combines knowledge sessions with practical trading sessions giving an explanation of how fundamental, political, macroeconomic and technical analysis is used to anticipate future market direction. It also looks at the behavioural aspects of trading – hope, fear and over-confidence – as well as some basic technical indicators.

The practical sessions will give you an opportunity to trade real-time financial markets, with a prize for the most profitable trader. The programme has been designed to be as interactive as possible so there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the teachers and mentors throughout the two days and we expect the trading sessions to be both exciting and entertaining for everyone.


2 days

Campus available


Starting dates

Continuous student intakes throughout the year

Study modes

On campus

Introduction to Financial Markets (2 days)

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