Professional Financial Trading Programme - 3 months

Course overview

Our accredited Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading is an intensive 12-week course which provides a comprehensive understanding of how to trade real-time financial markets. Under the watchful eyes of our professional traders and mentors, we aim to provide an enjoyable and constructive experience for every student. Whether you study on campus, online or blended, all students have access to our team of traders and mentors for 10 hours every day, either in person on the LAT trading floor or via our chat rooms and daily interactive webinars.

Throughout the course, all students trade real-time foreign exchange, commodities, stock indices and other financial markets to apply their learned knowledge in real-time markets and to enhance their trading skills. The course has been designed for people wishing to become financial markets traders, but also for students wanting a more practical qualification in financial markets trading, or for those looking for an additional source of income. The programme requires little or no previous knowledge of trading, but students will move quickly from the basics of trading towards more sophisticated techniques.

Through our corporate partners, we also offer trading accounts with special low commissions and tight bid-ask spreads, as well as career advice and help with interview technique and CV writing. 

What our students say:

“…an extensive learning experience...”

 “…what I wanted was to gain a trader’s knowledge and learn to trade for my own personal gain.”

“…real life exposure to the markets…”

“…give me an edge when competing for institutional employment.”

“…The three month trading programme has helped give me a deeper insight into the industry and provided me with the knowledge and experience I need to progress my career.”


What will you study

In addition to the academic content, this is a practical course in which students have access to real-time financial market information, macroeconomic news releases and real-time trading systems in order to execute trades and practise the application of trading strategies.

With this programme will also get the opportunity to spend regular daily trading sessions on our flagship city trading floor alongside senior traders. Throughout your training you will be regularly reviewed both from a theoretical and practical perspective to ensure you are developing at the expected rate and to make sure you will be in a position to pass the assessments for the diploma qualification throughout the course.

Students who successfully complete this programme will be able to do the following:
• Develop and apply a structured and consistent trading strategy
• Understand the trading mechanics of different asset classes
• Understand how asset prices are affect human behaviour in financial markets
• Evaluate the performance of financial securities and determine whether a financial asset is under-valued or over-valued
• Apply technical indicators, studies and techniques to information from price charts
• Interact with market colleagues and competitors using the appropriate market terminology and etiquette
• Apply learnt knowledge to real-time financial markets trading


3 months

Campus available


Starting dates

Continuous student intakes throughout the year

Study modes

The programme is delivered online, blended or on-campus at the London Academy of Trading head office in the City of London


1. Online
The online programme combines academic video lectures with daily interactive webinars with LAT’s team of traders and mentors. Students can also communicate with academy experts on a daily basis via the online forums and chat function. Students will have full-time access to reference materials, as well as a real-time trading platform to practice trading techniques and apply learned knowledge. For online courses login here.


2. Blended
Students enrolled on the blended programme have full access to the online platform, but can also purchase any number of weeks in which they attend the academy in person. When on-site, students will have full-time access to their own trading desk with dual-screen set-up. Our team of traders and mentors will also be available at all times to provide help and advice and there will be regular lectures on-site which all students can attend.


3. On Campus
The on-site programme is the ultimate blended option in which students choose to attend the academy in person throughout the full 3 months of the programme. Regular academic lectures are combined with on-going live trading sessions on the trading floor at LAT’s London headquarters. Delegates will benefit from face-to-face interaction and mentorship by LAT’s expert faculty traders throughout the programme.



Career progression

There are many different potential career paths on completion of the programme:
• Internal progression within the academy as a trader or mentor
• Trading for yourself, either renting a desk within the academy or trading from home
• Progression into other trading houses, investment banks or financial services companies through our network or independently
 Sales Traders at boutique hedge funds, trading houses and banks
 Middle office staff
 Trade support
 Research Analysts


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