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Easter Trading Camp

Learn something new this Easter. Trading not only boosts careers, but it's also able to boost you financially.

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We are now offering a short course for students aged between 16 and 18 to gain valuable insights into the world of financial markets and the trading industry. The programme will provide students with a fundamental understanding of financial markets in a global context. It will cover key topics such as the structure and functioning of markets and how traders are involved, as well as looking at what causes the markets to move.

This course is ideal for those who have little understanding of financial markets and are looking for a starting point into the world of trading and financial markets. We will start with the basics with a beginners guide to markets and investing. The programme will then move into an overview of different financial institutions and assets classes, as well as evaluating macroeconomic and political news. Students will also have access to the London Academy Trading (LAT) trading floor and IT suites to gain hands-on experience, trading a range of financial assets on a real-time trading platform.

Our team of tutors and mentors are highly experienced traders who will pass on their expertise to enhance your financial understanding. They will not only guide you through the course during academic sessions but provide on-going support if you are looking for a career in the city.

I chose LAT to improve my trading skills and my psychological approach. I think it was an amazing experience because I met a lot of interesting people and learnt how to trade like a pro.

Nicolo Pirozzi
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