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Options Trading Course

What I loved the most is that LAT doesn't have a "make easy money" policy, but instead they teach you to build up your knowledge and skills to become a successful trader.

— Dmitry Vlasov

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Thank you to all the mentors at LAT, an absolutely outstanding course that I will be recommending to a few friends who are studying economics at university.

Sonny Seaman

This two-day course provides a practical introduction to trading in the options market. Our specialist tutor has decades of options trading experience and this will enable students to gain the maximum benefit from the academic and practical sessions.

The course provides students with an understanding of the derivatives markets (futures and options) and how they are traded. It also explains the construction and applications of payoff diagrams.

The first day of the course introduces the basics of options, puts, calls, spreads, straddle and strangles. It will always use practical examples to illustrate academic concepts.

The second day involves more practical trading. Students will apply what they have learnt to create their options trades, with help and guidance from the specialist.

This course takes place at our London campus, in Holborn. Students will have access to an options trading platform to support their learning. They will actively participate in trading sessions to gain an understanding of how what they have learnt is applicable in real-life scenarios.

By the end of the course, students should be able to understand the different concepts of options trading, recognise different option payoff profiles and be able to trade options structure in real-time markets.

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