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Portfolio Management

This module provides students with practical and marketable skills in the art and science of portfolio management.  In the modern global financial system, investors have countless options when it comes to their capital.  Now, more than ever, sophisticated tools and techniques are available to ensure that returns are kept high while risks are kept to a minimum.

Each class will include a review and discussion of recent key financial market events and their potential effects on portfolio construction.

Module Contents

  • Principles of portfolio management
  • Portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • Balancing risk and reward metrics within each portfolio
  • Equity valuation methods to determine potential portfolio constituents

Learning Objectives

  • Upon module completion, students will be able to:
  • Analyse an array of asset classes and markets
  • Explain a range of portfolio management techniques
  • Construct and customise portfolios to achieve specific returns
  • Demonstrate to potential employers the application of portfolio management techniques.
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