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Evening Trading Course

With the help of great mentors and seasoned professionals, I was able to develop my trading skills very quickly.

— Jamie Stevens

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This four-week programme is based around trading sessions under the watchful eyes of our professional mentors, with online and face-to-face academic sessions to introduce techniques for trading real-time financial markets.

We aim to give you a hands-on introduction to financial markets, who is involved, what they do and what causes financial markets to move. All of our speakers are experienced traders and their knowledge will be vital in helping you to develop and enhance your understanding of the banking industry.

During the evening sessions, you will be based on the trading floor of the London Academy of Trading in the City of London with dedicated access to your own dual-screen trading desk.

You gain a good understanding of how the market works both on a fundamental and a technical level.

Elliot Barton

The programme requires no prior knowledge of trading or financial markets since we start with a beginners guide to financial markets and work from the bottom up. The programme then moves on to look at a day in the life of a trader, before digging deeper into the specifics of fundamental and technical analysis and evaluation of macroeconomic data releases.

Academic sessions will also cover the vitally important subject of trading psychology – how investor emotions such as hope, fear, greed and panic can affect your behaviour and cause prices to rise or fall. The practical sessions will enable delegates to execute live trades in FX, precious metals, stock indices and commodities on a real-time Trading Platform.

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