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Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading

The online support and phone calls with the tutors was excellent and assisted greatly when you are studying on your own.

— Martin Welsh

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This one-week online trading course will give you an insight into the basics of trading. It is great for those who have an interest in trading and want to take the first step in the financial markets.

Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading is a stock trading course targeting beginners. Learners will receive an introduction to the world of trading right in the heart of London’s financial centre. We start with a beginners guide to financial markets and work from the bottom up. The programme then moves on to look at a day in the life of a trader, before giving you a good overview of fundamental and technical analysis and evaluation of macro-economic data releases. We look into the topic of trading psychology and examine the effects this can have on trading performance.

With a focus on currencies, commodities and major indices during the programme, you will be encouraged to trade real-time markets on a demo trading platform. You will be fully supported by our team throughout the day, helping you through the trading experience. Our expert lecturers will be the ones to guide you through this learning experience; the LAT faculty have vast experience in the trading sector and will pass their knowledge and skills on to you, preparing you physically and mentally for a future involving the financial markets.

All of our mentors are experienced traders and their knowledge will be vital in helping you to develop and enhance your understanding of the trading industry.

I would recommend LAT to anyone who is interested in trading, but also just in order to understand how the world of economics work.

Frederik H
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