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Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading

The plan, the way the course is delivered and the whole process is first class and without doubt a well thought out process.

— Garry Steven Smith

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This Level 5 Diploma course is our premier accredited course. The course has been designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of how different trading techniques are used in real life situations by financial market professionals, through theoretical modules and practical sessions on our city trading floors. The course requires little or no previous knowledge of trading, although candidates with some experience should find this course particularly beneficial.

The course is comprised of academic and practical elements, beginning with an introduction to financial markets and an outline of the basics of trading. Fundamental news and political events are the cause of most significant market moves, so macroeconomic events and their impact upon financial markets, are discussed on an unfolding and real-time basis. Technical analysis is also a major driver of financial markets, so the course provides detailed explanations of technical analysis tools and explains how these trading techniques can be combined to build robust and profitable trading strategies. There is also strong emphasis given to trading psychology and risk management and how the natural human emotions of hope, fear, greed and over-confidence can adversely affect your trading decisions.

I could not have done this without the excellent help and tuition (and no doubt great patience) from all the team at LAT. Although the expertise of the team is obviously of a high standard - as teachers and traders - it was the positive, encouraging, friendly atmosphere as a context to learning that I found really helpful.

Adrian Wilson
Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading

Daily webinars and on-campus lectures will commonly include discussions of current news events and their effect on the market as well as covering live trade examples, looking for ‘what happens next? scenarios. In addition to the academic content, this is a practical course in which candidates will be given access to real-time financial market information, macroeconomic news releases and real-time trading systems in order to execute trades and practise the application of trading strategies. Candidates may also choose to spend some or all of their course on our City trading floor, being guided by our team of mentors and professional traders, as they trade foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities, stock indices and other financial assets on a £50,000 demo account.

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