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Financial Markets Trading Terminals (Bloomberg)

On this module, students will learn and make use of Bloomberg terminal commands to gain access to different asset classes via our practical and interactive teaching sessions. Plenty of self-study time will allow students to increase their knowledge and gain relevant skills in order to attract global employers.

Module Contents

  • Practical Bloomberg skills – Fixed Income, Money Markets, Foreign Exchange, Equities and Commodities
  • Excel & VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) – Bloomberg Data Navigator, programming the Bloomberg API (Application Program Interface)
  • Analytical Reports – integrating Bloomberg data into analysis and research reports


  • Use Bloomberg menus and the command line to discover undocumented functions
  • Create static and dynamic charts, both historical and in real-time using Bloomberg
  • Export data to other applications in order to support trading and research and input Bloomberg data into Excel spreadsheets

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for anyone looking to gain Bloomberg skills and understand the data it produces.

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