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Trading Psychology and Risk Management

This module examines human emotions and how our behaviour can impact financial markets. The module questions what makes people behave as they do and how can this (somewhat predictable) behaviour predict what’s happening in the market and be used to increase profits?

Learners will examine a range of investment risks as well as methods to reduce risk through diversification. Throughout this module, learners will be expected to evaluate the risks within their demo trading portfolios and manage them with an emphasis on stop loss and limit order placement. Learners will also have to manage liquidity and market capitalisation constraints, average holding periods, both intraday and as part of their end of day process.

Module Contents

  • Principles of trading psychology & behavioural technical analysis: why is this a real edge?
  • Understand your trading personality type, raise awareness and transform
  • Strategies to accelerate and maintain your “peak performance”
  • Mind: key psychological traps and winning (practical) mental strategies
  • Body: enhance your nutrition, exercise and recovery for optimal health
  • Emotion: learn how to be “in the zone” during wins and losses
  • Results-driven success: goal-setting, performance measures & unique coaching support


  • Make lifestyle changes and learn how changing your nutrition and exercise regime can positively impact trading
  • Discover how to keep emotions at bay when trading
  • Develop winning mental strategies to guide you
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